Spajk is a conference that we missed, so we created it

Inspiring and experienced speakers that have solved real world problems.

No matter which role you have, outside or within a team, this is something for you!


Talia Nassi
Lead Developer Advocate @ Akamai Technologies

Testing in Production

It’s become standard practice for test engineers to test their code in a staging environment, fix all inconsistencies there, andthen deploy to production. In this waterfall process, testers have no visibility into what’s happening in production. The future ofsoftware testing has no staging environments, they test in production. Testing in production is a proactive approach to testingas you ensure your features work in the environment that your features will live in, not a dummy environment. In this talk, learnabout feature flagging, canary releases, setting up a proper CI/CD pipeline, and data cleanup. At the end of the day, we don'tcare if your features work in staging, we care if they work in production.

Talia Nassi

Talia Nassi is a Lead Developer Advocate at Akamai Technologies and international keynote speaker who delivers content on building in the cloud, testing, and Linode. She enjoys helping developers understand how to build efficient applications in the cloud seamlessly and at scale.

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Adrián Bolonio
Accessibility Software Engineering @ GitHub

Testing Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility is not just keyboard navigation, color contrast, or screen readers. Accessibility is a perfect indicator of the quality of a website. When a website is accessible, it usually means that it's inclusive, usable, offers a great user experience for everyone, and is also fast.Our role as developers is to create clear interfaces for people to understand and care about data, regardless of their disabilities, but we often forget to make sure that the code we write complies with the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines" (WCAG), and the only way to achieve this is through tests, either manual or automated.

Adrián Bolonio

Adrian is currently working as an Accessibility Software Engineering at GitHub as part of a talented, diverse, and motivated team that will work on making GitHub and the Internet a better and more accessible place for everyone. When he's not at the office he enjoys a good read, working my way through any delicious recipe, and indulging his love for travelling to new places.

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Oliver Schöndorfer
User interface and app designer

You can save Web Typography

The web is written language – and it’s also a mess, because most sites don’t present text properly. Typography to the rescue! In this talk you will learn how to boost your next web project with good typography. Together we can save the web’s typography – one paragraph at a time.

Oliver Schöndorfer

Oliver Schöndorfer is user interface and app designer from Austria. He’s not a UX ninja unicorn rockstar but he’s hopelessly in love with everything type, working as freelance designer and typographic consultant for clients across the world. Olivers vision is to get designers and developers to better collaborate. To share his knowledge and passion, he writes blog articles, speaks at conferences, and launched the YouTube channel Pimp my Type.

Twitter: @glyphe 

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Marcus Hammarberg
Head of curriculum at School of Applied Technology

Principles over Practices - the important part of agile

I’ve found that many teams and organisations are doing agile practices but don’t get much out of it, because we don’t fully understand the principles it’s built on. This presentation dives into the principles behind agile (and lean), and then put those principles into practical use that you can start using tomorrow.

Marcus Hammarberg

Marcus have more than 20 years experience of doing agile and helping companies large and small.. He spent 2 years working for the Salvation Army in Indonesia to help the health services there to become more effective. Right now he's working as head of curriculum at School of Applied Technology where we create the next generation agile developers. He has also written two books; Kanban in Action and Salvation: The Bungsu Story both on how to get agile to work in practice."

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Mats Iremark
Solution Architect Hybrid Cloud @ SKF

Hybrid Cloud at SKF - DevOps and GitOps meets Manufacturing

SKF Group is on a very big digitization journey. For the past two years, a large project has been underway where the focus is on digitizing much of what is very close to manufacturing. Part of this is the construction of what is called the Hybrid Cloud at SKF, where it builds a portfolio of services for the nearly one hundred factories. He will tell you about what he does there, which techniques he and hes teams use and what the challenges in this area and have been.How is DevOps done at SKF and how do we connect a 40-year-old machine as an IoT device?

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